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Series Size Version Ratio Type
HPG 32 A 03 U1
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Backlash
  • High load capacity output bearing
**Drawing does not include modified features for mounting the selected motor.

Gear Model Number
Gear Dimensions (see drawing)
Flange Dim A - Motor Adapter Flange Bore Dia. {{foundMotor.flangeDimA}} mm
Flange Dim B - Motor Adapter Flange Bore Depth {{foundMotor.flangeDimB}} mm
Motor Dim C - Motor Bolt Circle Dia. {{foundMotor.dimC}} mm
Flange Dim D - Bolt Size {{foundMotor.flangeDimD}}
Coupling Dim F - Motor Coupling Bore Dia. {{foundMotor.couplingDimF}} mm
Mass kg
Gear Performance Data
Rated Torque L10 31 Nm
Rated Torque L50 60 Nm
Limit for Average Torque 71 Nm
Limit for Repeated Peak Torque 225 Nm
Limit for Momentary Peak Torque 507 Nm
Starting Torque 92 Ncm
Backdriving Torque 2.8 Nm
Max. Input Speed 3,600 rpm
Ave. Input Speed 3,000 rpm
Standard Accuracy 4 arc min
Gear Backlash < 3 arc min
Input Inertia 3.4 kg-cm^2
Mass 4.9 kg
Torsional Stiffness
K1 5.7 10^4 Nm / rad
Output Bearing
Pitch Circle Diameter (dp) 0.08 m
Basic Dynamic Rated Load (C) 205 10^2 N
Basic Static Rated Load (Co) 328 10^2 N
Allowable Moment Load (Mc) 452 Nm
Moment Stiffness (Km) 42.1 10^4 Nm / rad
Permissible Radial Load 1,630 N
Permissible Axial Load 2,430 N


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